43760826_sDo you want 2016 to be different than 2015? Do you want to break through to greater levels of confidence, dating and relationship success, career advancement, income, and success? That’s what 2016 is all about. Join Dr. Aziz in this powerful episode that will guide you through a process to make 2016 the year that everything changed.
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Your Life Can Change This Year

What if this coming year was the best year of your life? What if in 2016 you’re able to do things that you’ve never done before? Experiences that you’ve never had before. What if all the things that you’ve wanted and hoped for you’re able to go after and get and create. What if fear never held you back? What if you could show up as your most bold, powerful, confident self? What if 2016 was the year that everything change?

Hey, welcome today’s episode of the show. New Year show this is the last show of 2015 and we are about to step into a new year. And I love the New Year and a lot of people say like, “Oh, it’s just another day and oh people make all these resolutions and they don’t keep them and it’s no big deal but man it feels powerful to me. I don’t know if it feels powerful to you but months before like maybe starting in October usually, October, November, December so like three months before the end of the year my mind is already thinking about like, okay 2016, 2016 is going to be this and it’s going to be that. And it just starts to build up and there’s this visionary, powerful sense of possibility. Because you know what I mean, if you look day to day, to change how you are from today until tomorrow even if you go take an action, even if you step up, even if you would take a risk, even if you really face your fear. And you might have an awesome experience, you might have a challenging experience but you’re doing something and that’s awesome. But if you do that on a Tuesday you wake up on a Wednesday.

A Year of Change Starts Today

Maybe you’ll feel like more liberated, wow look what I did or maybe you’ll feel more scared like I can’t believe what I just did. But you’re not going to be like, you’re not going to feel totally different in my experience. But over the course of a year of doing stuff like that of challenging your edge of facing your fear, of going after what you want, of speaking up, of being more bold, being more confident. You do that for a whole year and your life is different. That’s the kind of thing where you look back and you’re like what the fuck, what did I do this year? What happened? How did, what? Crazy. And so the amount of change and growth and transformation that kind of grow over a year is mind boggling. And that’s why I get excited about the New Year’s. In fact that’s why a change is all I use to do shorter stuff now. Anyone who wants to want do one-on-one-coaching with me or be in one of my groups the commitment is a year because that I found as the magic amount of time for deep transformation.

And sometimes for me it’s even longer, I was in the men’s group for two years and that was life changing. That actually allowed me to have a relationship that I overcame some major nice guy stuff that was sabotaging all of my close relationships with women. And now that allowed me to be in an amazing relationship with Candace which is kind of the best thing ever. And, so, so much can happen in a year I hope you’re excited about 2016 and if you’re not yet by the end of the show you’re going to be buzzing with excitement, it’s going to be awesome. We’re going to do some amazing stuff and we’re going to help you set yourself up for 2016 to be the year that everything change.

In fact imagine that for a second, what it will be like if, let’s say it was 10-years from now, its 2016, I’m sorry 2026. Yes future sounding with flying cars and hovering toaster ovens because that’s the first thing they would invent I’m sure in the future. Imagine its 2026 and you were looking back. And let’s say you’re 30 now so you’re 40 at 2026 so you’re 25 and 35, you’re 50 and you’re 60. Whatever your age imagine you’re 10 years old or you’re looking back it’s 2026 and you’ve got a few more gray hairs and look a little older a few more wrinkles. And you’re like man, you know the year that everything really change for me was, was actually 10 years ago it’s 2016. That was the year that things really shifted, really took off. What if that is your experience? What if that could be your experience for 2016? Because guess what you can make that so, you can make it. So you got to take control and decide that this is the year that’s going to be different, that’s the first thing.

Commit to it

You got to really take control I want to make this happen. And sometimes we’re scared to do that because we’re like I don’t know I can’t make things happen and or I’ve said that I was going to do that before and then I couldn’t and so now I’m scared to trust in myself or what’s the point of even saying I’m going to do it because I’m probably not. Let that go that is a toxic trap. I tried once and it didn’t work so now I’m not going to try again. Holy shit, if that’s how you’re approaching life you are done, you are toast, you’ve plateaued and are going to stagnate. You’ll try again, recommit, find more energy, find more passion, solve whatever problems got in your way and do it again. And I have to come up with themes for the year that’s why I started thinking about in October, November, December as it gets closer what’s the theme? And for me the theme is 2015 was explosive growth. And I don’t like sit down and come up I just let it come to me, I just let what sounds good as the year of explosive growth. And I was explosive growth personally and my business apparently for family as well because we had another kid so explosive growth.

What do you want for your life in 2016

So what is the theme, what is the theme that you would like for 2016? Look something that with fun that would excite you that would fill you with energy or passion, give you some motivation. The year of what? Whatever comes to your mind just let some things pop up let them be funny. I like to make them kind of dramatic or epic sounding that’s fine that makes it more fun it gives it more juice. So just notice what comes to you and just what do you want your 2016 to be the year of what? Yes great, so coming up with that maybe sitting on that thinking about that more as you plan forward because if you’re thinking and if you want it, it can be so.

So what are we going to do now is we’re going to help you get set up to make 2016 the year that everything change. Does it sound good? Does it sound valuable to you? Are you excited to do that with me? Awesome, I can’t hear you but if you speak out loud I might so you might just want to respond and speak out loud. Are you excited about making 2016 the year that everything change? Awesome, so here’s what we’re going to do. I’m going to guide you through a really powerful exercise that is going to help you gather and harvest confidence that is already inside you that you probably have not harvested or accessed. We’re going to do that and then we’re going to use that power and energy to look forward and come up with some very clear things for your next year in 2016. So, we’re going to take a quick break right now get some water, get something to write on, get a journal, use the bathroom, and we’re going to sit back and do some pretty powerful stuff. So stay tune we’ll be right back right after this?

A Time for Reflection

So here’s what are we going to do now, I like you to close your eyes for a second and if you’re driving then that’s okay you can’t do that but you can still do this with your eyes open. But if you’re sitting or lying down or something like that just go ahead and sit down for a minute and lie down and close your eyes and get comfortable and just take a deep breath in and let it out. And think back over this last year 2015 go all the way back you remember last January beginning of this year and reflect over this past year January and the winter of the beginning of the year and all the way through the year and think about what are the successes of this year. My wins, the ways that I’ve grown, things that I’ve done and tried, results that I’ve gotten, attempts that I’ve made, people that I’ve met, whatever it is just reflecting all the way from January through the winter through the spring to the summer to the fall all of the seasons of this year thinking back the different moments where you did something, you tried something, maybe a small stuff, maybe a certain conversation you have with someone where you showed up differently, or that moment you are assertive with your boss, or that moment you told someone no.

Maybe you got, you change jobs you took a risk and you left one job to go for something that was more inspiring, more life enhancing. Maybe you met an amazing woman or an amazing partner and you took the risk to make that happen. If you’ve been challenging yourself, you’ve been going and doing new things and speaking up in new ways and walking differently. What have you’ve been doing? What are the wins? Find them, accumulate them, notice them, there, there, I know that no matter what your year was like there are at least a couple of dozen wins over the course of the year for anyone. It just depends on how you define a win sometimes it’s got to be so big and so great. I didn’t make it to the moon. I didn’t earn a billion dollars, no wins. Just let it go man lower that crazy bar, stop to be just as a perfectionist and just find the little ones, give yourself a little bit of credit. There’s this tendency to discount our wins, our strengths, our growths, our breakthroughs, “Yes but someone else could already do that, yes but it’s not that big of a deal, yes but that it didn’t work out after I did the first part.

Let Go of the Missed Opportunities

And we’re always focusing on that gap, here’s what I didn’t do, here’s what I need to do, here’s where I need to be, here’s why I’m not there yet. Let that go, honor yourself, start to really see what it is that you did. Start to marvel at who you are and what you’ve been able to do not comparing yourself to anyone else and what they could do this is about you, look what you did this year and how maybe some others was really challenging for you and you face fears. Who cares if someone has else have that fear or not this about you, you face some of your fears. What were they?

Good. What are some of the things that you accomplished this year? Noticing those, seeing those right now. That’s right good just let it come to your mind whatever images, movies, pictures, still images whatever you’re seeing in your mind just letting it emerge now. And what I would encourage you to do is open your eyes if you have them close and find a sheet of paper and just write some of the stuff down or open up a file on your phone right now and just right some of the stuff down. Just jot it down on paper because even if it was just a few things it makes it more real. Or it sends a message to our subconscious mind, it’s like, “Hey I acknowledge you, I see you, I honor you.”

And that’s very different and most of the time most of us are kind of in the constant state of not honoring, dismissing, discounting and devaluing that what we’ve done. And it doesn’t feel good to us, it doesn’t inspire us, it doesn’t give us confidence and it doesn’t motivate us to move forward. Always focusing on where you are falling short and the gap does not motivate you to move forward. Maybe a little bit once in a while but if so the fuel is full, the fuel is gangs you up it makes you feel inferior, you want to be motivated by inspiration by being proud of yourself, by being excited by what you are doing. Not by feeling like you suck and you need to get better, so make that list, write those things out now, if you haven’t already.

Good. Good, so how are you feeling as you do this? Sometimes people feel awesome and sometimes people feel like, I’m uncomfortable acknowledging my strength. That’s okay, that’s just a sign that you probably need to do it more. Good, so now you have this powerful list. In fact I like you, let’s just take, we’re going to take a quick break right now sit with this experience, just feel what it’s like to really acknowledge yourself and then when we comeback we’re going to turn this or we’re going to use this as fuel as you look forward into making 2016 the year that everything change.

A Look Ahead

So now look at 2016 let’s dive in there together. Imagine let’s time so we kind of we’ve done a lot of time leaping time travel in this show today. First we went looking in at 2016 then we actually went 10 years remember to 2026 and look back to wow figure that everything changed. And then we time traveled back to the beginning of this year 2015 and went forward and look at all the things that we’ve done and wins and accomplishes and successes, growth and the changes we’ve made. And now what I like you to do is actually jump again to the end of 2016. So it is December end of December in 2016. And you’re looking back at the year and see here that everything change. And here’s where you definitely want a sheet of paper, okay. So if you didn’t get a sheet of paper the first time you’re like, “Yes, yes I’m going to do it later or not at all, whatever”.

Do yourself a favor, pause this right now and go get or at least just open up a file on your phone — it doesn’t have to be paper and pen. That weird archaic stuff right whatever it is but if you have a journal and I love journals then put it on your journal. But do this one do it for yourself ready? So pause this I’m going to resume in a minute. I’m just going to assume that you have it and that we’re on the same page. Okay cool. And if you’re not getting it, what’s up dude? Is it the fear what’s getting in the way? Because this is how it should happens, this is how you’re going to make the year that everything change. If you’re listening to this and you truly want 2016 to be different and you’re not willing to write stuff down right now, well I got news for you, 2016 might not be that different. Because the way you make it different is you make it different. You take action you do things and when you do your life changes.

Okay so here’s what we’re going to do, grab a sheet of paper open that new file on your phone. You’re, at the end of 2016 it’s the year that it was just the best most awesome year of your life. What is everything that you that happened over this year over 2016 as you look back at. What is everything that happened that made it such an awesome year. Go ahead and just start listing everything that you want that would have it. So you’re looking back and it’s already happen, we’re not like I met an amazing woman or well I just crushed it in my career in my business crew or this or that or I just feel so comfortable talking to everyone I totally stop criticizing myself this year. Whatever it is writing it out as if it already happened you’re looking back at 2016. Does that make sense? So go ahead and writing that out now. And I will just stay with you here occasionally suggest some things we’re going to be doing this together writing this out right now.

Good, what else? What else do you want or has already happened that made this year so awesome this year of 2016? What happened in your love life, your dating life, the relationship that you’re in? What about in your business, in your career? What happened there that was just awesome that made 2016 such an amazing year. Good, keep writing if you stop or you slow down come up with more. And allow yourself to be unreasonable, don’t leave stuff off, “Oh no, that’s not realistic, that’s not reason, I don’t know I couldn’t do…” just don’t filter anything. It was the year that everything changed, remember? So what changed? What happened? What did you accomplished over this year of 2016 that was just awesome? Maybe even surprised you. Good. Just keep writing just a few more minutes. And making sure you include anything else, your social life, your friendships, do you want deeper friendships? Or what happened this year, and I keep pulling myself to the end of 2016 here. So when you looked back did you meet some new friends? Did you interact with people?

Do you have some… do you have just like two or three awesome friendships with people that you really love and are really connected to you, that you forge over this year. Good. Include, maybe it was part of your career but include finances too, your income. What happened in this year that was awesome, how did it grow? How did it change? What did you do to make that happen? Allow yourself to be specific when you want to be and general when you need to be. Awesome. Okay, so keep writing as much as you want. If you’re rocking as you can even pause this and just keep writing. If you feel done that’s great too, you want to add to it later that’s fine, whatever it is. But now you got something that’s pretty amazing and pretty valuable and pretty different than will most people will do.

What Did You Do to Make This Happen

And here is what we want to do now. As you look at that list and we’re still in 2016 all the stuff that happened at the end of the year. Ask yourself one more question from this place and time which is the end of 2016. What did you do in order to make all of these a reality? What did I do? What did I specifically do? So make another list says, what I did? Remember this is all from the past tense because this already happened where at the end of 2016 we can time travel in today’s shoes it’s pretty cool. Looking back and you say, what I did to make that a reality and just list out the things, what did you do? I showed up differently, I spoke up, I read books, I joined a program, maybe even joined the coaching mastermind with me that could definitely help you make 2016 the year that change everything. What did you do? I, I face rejection. I changed jobs. I got better at sales.

I took a sales training course. I approached a hundred women. What, what are all the things that you did to make those things a reality? Does that make sense? To be writing that out right now as I’m talking making another list, good. What else did you do? What did you… in order to make all that a reality you had to do stuff. What did you do? Writing that down now? Good. Good and again if you want to keep writing, go, you can pause this we’re going to add this later but this, at least you have something to start with now. Good.

Time for a Stretch

Okay, so go ahead and stand up for a second and if you’re driving you can’t do that but at least stretch or do something. Stretch your arms up above your head, put down your pen or phone or whatever you’re writing on. Just stretch for a second and jump up and down a little bit, shake your body out, take a deep breath in, and let it out. And here’s a couple cool things, one just let this sit. This is powerful what you just did, most people will not do it like this. What they’ll do is all sort of passively think about it like, “Oh this year maybe I should work out more. Okay I’m going to work out more, here I go.” And I’ll come up with a sort of half fast New Year’s resolution with no clarity and then I’ll stick to it for like a week. What you did is so much more in-depth and so much more powerful and I know I might seem a little weird like this time travel thing, this shit is powerful in your subconscious mind. It affects you in ways that we can’t comprehend intellectually with our rational left brain.

But something in there makes it more inevitable, it makes it more real. When we time travel and we’re looking back and all that stuff there’s a reason why I did it that way because it’s more powerful, it’s more impactful. So this is something most people will not do. And guess what you got? And now that you have an exciting list of all the things you want for the year. You have a list of what are you going to need to do to make it happen which is incredible. Because that sometimes people want something like, “Oh, I want, I want love this year. I want to find the love of my life in 2016.” But they don’t have any idea what they’re going to do to make that happen. Which means they’re going to passively wait and do exactly what they’ve done every other year and just hope that things change. But not you because you had a list and that is powerful.

Don’t Stop

And here is one major key to making this stuff a reality. Don’t stop. Don’t stop, that’s it. If you keep moving forward, if you keep taking those actions you will get these things. And maybe hell I don’t know maybe some of them are going to happen in 2017 but a lot of them might happen in 2016 I don’t know what you wrote down. But if you just don’t stop what you can do in a year? What you can create in a year? What you can change in a year is so much more than you think and realize. Because we’re thinking in short time frame this day, this week, this month, oh this month is the same as last month. A year is a huge amount of time, huge amount of time, so much can change. And in fact in next week’s episode as a beginning to kick off the year, we’re going to be talking about unlimited confidence and motivation for 2016. How to really skyrocket that sense of motivation and confidence just keep going. So this whole thing I’m not stopping we’re going to go deep into that and help you just have super charge fuel to just keep moving forward. Move forward faster than maybe you ever have before. So we’re going to end with, well we always end with here’s your action step.

Time for action.

Action Step

Your action step for today, you already did. Those list that’s your action step. You wrote those things out now if you didn’t do them shame on you but then do them. Maybe go back and listen to that part of the episode where I’m talking you through it and do it because you owe it to yourself. And if you already did it that’s great so the only thing you need to do now is make it somewhere visible. If it was digital on a phone, transfer it somewhere where you can print it out or save that file somewhere in your phone or computer where it’s going to be accessible. Don’t just bury it so it’s in the bottom of your notes, in the bottom of your phone that are gone. Or it’s in some random file in your computer that you’re never going to look at, you wrote it out somewhere but then you fold that thing up and like put it I don’t know at the bottom of your dresser.

Make it somewhere real and visible and then look at that regularly. I mean if you want to go crazy with this stuff Napoleon Hill he wrote thinking we are rich was one of the biggest, most influential people probably in the world in the professional and personal development movement in the century. You would be like you read that, or he would call it your definite major purpose exactly what are you going to do and why are you going to do it and how you’re going to do it? You have people read that in the morning and at night and they get up in the morning before they go to bed at night. Because he knew that the more conscious you keep this stuff the more powerful, the more motivated the more like you are to achieve it. So you don’t have to go that far but at least keep it accessible and keep it around and review it regularly especially in the first couple of weeks, first couple of months that are going to keep you on track and keep you strong for 2016.

So I will talk to you in 2016 in our next episode. Here’s to another phenomenal year of being with you, thank you for being with me for this entire year or maybe this is your first episode I don’t know but I love that I have this opportunity to connect with you, to share with you and to receive the amazing feedback that I get from people as why I do it to make an impact and share all of these stuff for free to hopefully help everyone who wants to shift and change and grow rapidly to get that confidence they need. So it’s been phenomenal to spend this time with you this year and I cannot wait for more. There are no signs of me stopping, in fact everything is just continuing to go powerhouse for 2016, so we cannot wait to spend 2016 with you as well. Until we speak again may you have the courage to be who you are and to know on a deep level that you’re awesome.

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