Beyond Introversion with Steve Friedman

Finding The Balance Within

Do you find that you need to take time away from people? Does it help you re-charge your social stamina?

Join Dr. Aziz in this enlightening episode as he interviews the amazing Steve Friedman, the founder of Beyond Introversion. They discuss how to manage the balance between accepting and allowing your natural introversion to come and go as needed.

Steve Friedman

Steve Friedman is determined to champion a more authentic and successful life for introverts. After struggling for decades as an introvert in the corporate world, he began to learn about introversion while writing his memoir, In Search of Courage: An Introvert’s Story. Friedman now provides inspirational posts, quizzes, and insightful resources for introverts at work and at home through his weekly blog at He met his love, Jennifer, in Houston, Texas. Together, they have raised three amazing children, Gwendolyn, Madolyn, and Noah. They have all traveled the world and are now enjoying time hanging around the house together.

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