Mission Complete

Massively Shift and Break Through Any Fear or Self Doubt

This strategy all came about on a Mastermind Group Call where one of my clients were struggling with his career.

Blitzkreig came from Germany in the beginning of World War II it was also called Lighting Warfare.

The Germans invaded Poland with a MASSIVE overwhelming effort by sending a ton of their troops in a very specific way. This tactic allowed them to expand very quickly, and took over Poland within a month or so.

How is this relevant…learn how you can transform your thinking with the BLITZKREIG tactic.

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Hey. Welcome to today’s episode of the show. Today is going to be about how you can massively shift and breakthrough any fear or self-doubt or anything that’s stopping you. It’s going to be an extremely inspiring story that came out from one of the members in my mastermind program in a group call, and it was so powerful and the results have been so fascinating, that I wanted to share all this with you now. And it all begins with the blitzkrieg. So, I’m going to tell you a little about what I mean there and how you can use it in your own life.

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Do you know what a blitzkrieg is? You may remember it from high school history, or something like that, but blitzkrieg is the name that they gave the type of warfare that the Germans used in the beginning of World War II, and throughout a number of battles in World War II. And it’s also known as lightning warfare. The blitzkrieg was lightning warfare! So basically what the Germans did… it started with them invading Poland, and what they did is they took a massive overwhelming force of their troops and moved in fast. So it wasn’t just a lot of troops and units; they had huge amount, like a couple of thousand tanks or more. I think they had more than a million… like 1.5 million soldiers. They had the massive army they’d built up. But they would use that army in a very specific way. In a blitzkrieg way. In a lightning warfare way. So what they would do is, they had these tanks and instead of having the tanks follow along behind the troops, they would send the tanks ahead and have them just pierce right through the enemy’s defenses. The tanks would just keep going and wreak havoc behind the enemy line. Then they‘d take their airplanes that were part… I love the name of this. The name of their Air Force was called the Luftwaffe. And they would do a couple things. They demolished the entire Police Air Force in two days, and they would also bomb supply chains and reinforcements. So their opponents couldn’t even bring troops to replenish, or to support, or supplies. So, needless to say, they defeated Poland in like a month, something super fast. They defeated Poland and it was a big deal and they went on to use that in France and other places. It was a big part of how Germany expanded so quickly, and what led to World War II, basically.

“How is this relevant Aziz? How is this relevant to social anxiety and confidence?” Well here’s how. Because we were in a group call in my mastermind program— I have a mastermind program, you might’ve heard of it, it’s called the “Unstoppable Mastermind Program.” It is awesome. It’s one of my favorite ways that I work with people. And people that are in the program… we do calls each week on the phone and go deep and spend a long… People are in the program for a year… or more. Sometimes they re-up for second-year. And they also come to the weekend events and they’re immersed in this stuff, and they grow fast. I love watching it.

In any case, there was a guy in the group— I’m not going to share his name just for his own sake; we’ll just call him Jeremy— but Jeremy was struggling in his career. And it was a confidence issue. He did not know what he wanted to do, he didn’t progress in the way that he wanted. He wanted to be more accomplished. He wanted to earn more. He wanted to be of a higher level of success. He wanted to be more of a leader. But he just couldn’t get there.

About four months prior to this call, the blitzkrieg call, he was on another call. This was four months ago. Four months earlier in the group, and he was on the call, and he had an opportunity to network with some people in his industry, and meet some people who are doing the kind of work that he wants to move into, have the kind of businesses that he would want to have, earn the kind of money that he would want to earn. And he got their names and he was going to reach out to them. We talked about it in the group call and he got some ideas from me and other group members about how he might approach them, and what he might say, and how to do it in a way that’s going to be effective. And he was scared. And he didn’t do it. And then time went on and I forgot about it. I wasn’t keeping tabs on if he did it or not after that first couple weeks. He kind of put it on the down low and didn’t talk about it in the group. And then four months later, he’s talking about how he’s dissatisfied in his career, he’s dissatisfied he’s not making enough progress in this area, he’s sick and tired of it. I said, “I remember that! We talked about this. Did you go reach out to this people?” He replied: ”No, I still have their numbers, and their names. I don’t want to, I’m scared. It’s going to be… I don’t know.” And it was that night, his emotional state, that led to the invention of this version of blitzkrieg, which I’m going to share with you and it was life-changing for him. So stay tuned. We’ll be right back right after this. Thanks for sitting through the history lesson. Now we’re going to learn how Jeremy used the blitzkrieg to transform his career path and his life. Stay tuned right after this.

So, it was in the call, and he’s kind of like, “I don’t know, I’m scared, that’s hard, I don’t want to,” and then we talked about the importance of it. That this is how he is going to get to where he wants to go, and he’s like, “Okay, well, I’ll try to reach out to them this week.” And that’s how he said it. “I’ll try it,” it’s with a sigh, “Okay I’ll try to reach out to them this week.” And I said, “Okay, let’s hear from the rest of the group.” I asked everyone in the group who was on the call, and there’s a maximum of 10 people on the call. I asked everyone to call out a number from 0 to 10 on how likely they thought Jeremy is going to do this. Ten being absolutely certain— It is totally certain, it’s virtually done. And zero is no way in hell he’s going to do it. “This week, he is going to reach out to these people. Let’s give it a number. Shout it out.” And then people shouted it out. The numbers were 3, 5, 2, 4. It was all below five. Everyone can hear it in his voice.

I asked, “What number would you give it Jeremy?” And he’s like, “Yeah, shit. It’s low, man. I don’t want to. It’s hard and scary.” And he kind of went on his jag again about how hard and scary, and doesn’t want to, and he’s frustrated, and so on and so forth. And then we worked on: How can you resolve with more certainty? You don’t have to do this man! I told him, “You don’t have to do this. I’m not saying you have to reach out to these people. I’m just reflecting back that you say you want to make a shift in your career. That you want to have the confidence to go after what you want, to meet people, to reach out to them, to connect. But you’re not doing it! So, you don’t have to. Do you want to?” He was like “Yeah I want to.” I was like, “Well then, you got to commit. So say it in a way where you commit to it.” And he said, “Alright! I am going to reach out to those people sometime in this week, and I’ll reach out to a couple of them, and I’ll try to get a hold of them, and blah blah blah.” And it was like a little, there’s more, I think I rated it, other people rated it like 5 or 7, barely 5 or 6. There’s still a lot of like “I’ll try” some vagaries like a reach out to some of those people.

I was like, “Dude here is how shit gets done. We say, with complete conviction in our voice, by next Wednesday I will have reached out, I will have sent an email, or I will left a voicemail to three people that are potential connections for my career.” So you have a time: by this date. And you have a number: these three. And you could do this with anything. “By next Saturday I will have approach five people that I find attractive,” for example. So he said it. And he was saying it for one person though. He’s like, by next Wednesday I will have reached out to this person. I was like “Great!” And it sounded more certain and everyone gave it a high number, 8, 9s, 10s. So I was like, “Great. You know what though man? This is like, maybe you’ll pull it off, but it’s hard. The first one is the hardest. You need to…” and the word blitzkrieg came into my mind, and I don’t know why. Despite my reciting of World War 2 statistics there, that was just some shit. I watched some YouTube videos afterwards because I became so fascinated by the term. But the name came into my mind: blitzkrieg. “You don’t want to just approach one person. Dude, Jeremy, you need to blitzkrieg!” And he’s like, “What?” I was like “You need to blitzkrieg! A strong powerful decisive attacker where you storm across enemy lines. And you explode through the defenses.” This isn’t encouraging some sort of warfare, this is exploding through your own defenses. And guess what the first one is the hardest one. So you can battle, and get all that energy, and commitment, and okay I’m going to do it, and then call that one person and get a voicemail, and be like, “Woah, free one, done!” And yes you’ll have taken one step. Is that going to transform your life though? Probably not. Because guess what? You’re not just going to take one step, you don’t need to take just five steps, you need to take 500 steps. And blitzkrieg is the answer to that.

So you take massive, bold, powerful, excessive action, excessive force. So what would that look like in this situation? I asked him. And he said, “By reaching out to five people.” And I said, “Yes! That’s more like it. That’s more like a blitzkrieg.” Instead of saying, “Oh, I don’t know,” because the first one is the hardest one! Don’t just stop at one. I’m going to reach out to five people by next Wednesday. I used to do this when I would go out, and do friendly greetings. I was just scared to look people in the eye and say ‘Hi’ to them. And instead of going out and saying it ‘Hi’ to 3 people, I would say, “I’m going to say ‘Hi’ to 50 people.” And I would just walk up and down the street to San Francisco saying hi to people. Or you go on and say, “Okay I’m going to work out the courage to talk to one person that I find attractive, one woman that I find attractive, one man that I think is handsome. That’s a lot of work and the first one is the hardest one!” But you will say “I’m going to talk to 10 people that I find attractive tonight.” That’s a blitzkrieg! That’s how you get power. That’s how you get momentum. That’s how you radically shift things in your life quickly. And that is exactly what Jeremy did. He blitzkrieg! And he told us about it. He said I’m doing it. He made a commitment. We have a private Facebook group were guys can post their progress, or challenges, or updates, or share books they like, or whatever. And he posted in there that he was doing it, he was going to get this done, he’s going to shift that, and he took those actions, he kept us posted, and he did it.

What’s fascinating is what came about as a result. And the results that he got. Short-term and long-term from doing this. And I’m going to share those in a minute. We’re going to take a quick break, and I’ll share those. But before we do, I want you think about in your life, do you blitzkrieg? Are you doing it? Or are you just kind of slowly paddling along, “Maybe I’ll reach out to that one person. Not this week though, maybe next week.” And then your life is like molasses! And shit changes really slowly. And you develop a story that says change takes forever and I’m never going to get there. And I can’t anyway. You can shift it all, when you blitzkrieg. We’re going to take a quick break and I’m going to share the results that he got from the blitzkrieg. Right after this.

So, like Germany’s victory over Poland, Jeremy had a powerful swift victory over his own fears and doubts when he finally decided to blitzkrieg. Remember this is months of kinda, maybe, sorta, wanna, on the fence, and then in one week, he reached out to five different people, and had a fascinating series of events.

One, was that a couple of people didn’t get back to him. And that’s to be expected. And that’s part of the process. It’s rejection tolerance. You’re not going to get a yes from everybody in every area, that’s ridiculous! So it’s rejection tolerance. He learned that he could handle it. He had one person that he reached out to who is someone who had interviewed him for a job, and told him no. But he reached out to them because they were a great connection in his industry, and he wanted to see if he could build a relationship with them. And he ended up talking to this person for two hours, and she shared tons of insights as to how he could’ve landed the job better in the interview. Gave him some great feedback, really wanted to support him, and then introduced him to some bigwig in their industry, that’s like, “Oh you should know this person,” and that can open up all kinds of doors for you. She really liked him and wanted help him. All because he reached out to her.

In addition, I think this was a couple of weeks later, actually; so as a result, because he kept the blitzkrieg energy going, and in addition he wanted to apply for this job. Because he was taking massive action to get control of this area of his life. He was sick and tired of this, he was ‘blitzkrieging’. He goes and he applies for some place, and doesn’t hear back within like a week, and he finds out where it is, and he shows up there. And knocks on the door. And is like, “Hi, I am Jeremy. I applied for this position. I haven’t heard anything back, I just want to follow-up.” They invited him in, they talked to him for 30 minutes, offered him the job on the spot! The person interviewing him even commented and said, “Wow, no one has ever done this! It’s really impressive that you showed up in this way. It’s taking a lot of initiative.” It’s blitzkrieg, baby!

Then, and this is the part that makes me smile. On the way out of the job interview, this is like from a movie or something, on the way out of landing the job, through sheer… obviously he’s talented and qualified, but the reason he probably got that immediate response was sheer boldness. As he’s walking out, he knows he’s a baller. He’s walking out and he sees a beautiful woman. And this is a guy that, if you know him man, before this blitzkrieg, one of his biggest things was he approached women and dating, just like he approached career. “I kind of want to talk to her but I’m scared. I’ll maybe sort of work up the energy to do it once in a blue moon.” But everything is shifted for him. So he is walking out of the interview, sees this woman, walks right over to her, and she’s engaging with several other people— he’s still in a workplace environment— she’s engaging with several other people and he just starts talking to her. “Hey, you work here too? What’s your name? Oh great! I’m going to start working here and I just want to…” He started asking her about the environment. About what she’s like. He said, “She did turn and talk to me for 15 minutes and stopped doing her work duties to chat with me.” I think he might have even gotten her number. I don’t remember at this point, I think he got her number too.

It was just like night and day difference. And it all came from a decision to not just kind of do it, but to fucking blitzkrieg. To do it over the top. To do it excessive. And that’s what we want to do. That’s how we make massive shifts. If you’re wondering how I went from being really stuck and full of social anxiety to being way more confident and be able to do this and talk, and speak in front of groups, and approach any woman, and talk to anyone, and do all kinds of things that used to scare the shit out of me; it was not just from kind of slowly working on it, it was from fucking ‘blitzkrieging’ it. That’s how you make those massive shifts quickly. And that brings us to your action step.

Action Step

Your action step for today is to blitzkrieg! So you probably saw that one coming. But it’s to do that! It’s to find one area, maybe it’s your career, maybe it’s your dating life, maybe it’s your friendship, maybe it’s something, where you’re going to not just kind of work up the courage to do it, maybe once in three weeks. It’s doing it, setting a time, setting a commitment. By X date, preferably a couple days or a week out so it’s very close, I’m going to do this blank, this many times. Make it something that scares you: I’m going to go say hi to 50 people three times. I’m going to go out and say hi to 50 different people, that’s once, and then I’m going to go out for three outings of that by next Saturday. I am going to approach 10 people that I find attractive in the next 10 days. One guy in the group set up this challenge: I’m going to do 4 bold things a day. That’s a lot of bold things! So whatever it is for you, you got to set that, and you got to blitzkrieg it and take massive, powerful, radical action. And when you do that.. this is the best part, I wanted to share this earlier but I forgot, but I’m going to share it now… When I asked him, I said, “Jeremy when you think about reaching out to people in your industry to contact them, how do you feel now? Is it scary?” And he’s like, “Not really. I feel a little scared, a little nervous, but nothing like what it was.” I said, “Damn right. That’s the power of this!” And this is true for anything that we’re scared of. When we take massive action, we face it, we completely shift it. We completely shift our fear of it, and our relationship to it. And any other story that says that’s not going to work for me, that’s not possible, I can’t do that, is probably a cover, a distraction, to prevent you from taking action. That’s exactly what you want to do. Awesome.

Thank you for being with me today. I’m curious. I love to hear about your blitzkriegs. Share them at shrinkfortheshyguy.com. You can also go to facebook.com/socialconfidence. So post, share, and follow all the different happenings, including the podcast episodes. So thanks for being with me today. And until we speak again. May you have the courage to be who you are. And to know on a deep level that you’re awesome. I’ll talk to you soon!

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