Confident No Matter What with Nurjahan Boulden

Be Ready For Whatever Challenge Comes Your Way

Learn how to break through fear and depression so you can live your best life. Join Dr. Aziz as he interviews our guest, Nurjahan Boulden, and shares her journey of survival and healing after gun trauma.

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Nurjahan Boulden

Nurjahan is the world’s leading coach for survivors of gun violence.  She was a 21 year old aspiring dancer when she was shot with an assault rifle in a random attack that killed the man next to her. She suffered from anxiety, depression, and physical pain from her injury for almost a decade before she discovered the tools and resources that empowered her to fully recover and finally start dancing again.

Now she travels the country as a motivational speaker, conducting community resilience workshops, and leading online Feel Safe Again™ programs. Her story and work has been featured in a number of publications, including Cosmopolitan and Women’s Health Magazines.

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