Deep Confidence And Inner Peace

How To Eliminate Patterns of Self-Doubt And Self-Criticism

In the second half of Dr. Aziz’s interview with confidence expert Sarah Amna you will learn why we criticize ourselves, and how it actually meets some of our needs. You’ll also hear more about the daily practices you can do now to rapidly increase your confidence.

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Expert Interview

unnamedSarah Anand Anma is a transformational leader of the coaching industry. She has helped to radically transform and elevate the consciousness and income of coaches, healers and business owners from all over the world.
By helping coaches, speakers, trainers, and authors overcome their fears of going big, she gets them into a state of grace, ease, flow, and joyful expression. As a result she has a track record of taking companies from 6 figures into multi millions. Her specialties include helping inspirational leaders create, fill, and nurture high level masterminds.


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