Defeat Doubt And Decide To Be Confident with Moncia Bijoux

How To Overcome The Old Stories Playing In Your Head

Do you believe in yourself, take bold action, and swiftly move towards your goals? Or does that inner voice of doubt slow you down and stop you more than you’d like to admit.

Join Dr. Aziz as he interviews an expert on confidence building, Monica Bijoux, to unlock your boldness now.

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Monica Bijoux

Monica is a best-selling author, certified master coach, trainer, speaker, and the founder and chief executive officer of DECIDE TO MOVE, LLC.  She has a Master of Science Administration with a concentration in Human Resources, a Master of Social Work and is currently pursuing her doctorate in psychology with a focus on Industrial and Organizational Psychology; however, none of these degrees and certifications compare to her biggest achievement of giving birth to her daughter.  Monica integrates her passion for helping others heal from within with her love for business, resulting in her helping Women gain Confidence, Clarity and establish Boundaries personally and professionally.  This passion comes from learning how to heal from her own trauma of physical, emotional, and sexual abuse, abandonment, and homelessness.

Monica also has been coaching business owners, entrepreneurs, and individuals while also consulting corporations for over 15 years. She also has been working with veterans as they transition from active duty for over the last 10 years.



Twitter: @decidetomove


You can also find her hanging out in her FB group: Confident Professional Women Circle


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