Ending The Pain-Fear Cycle with Daniella Deutsch

How To Train Your Brain And Body To Feel Safe And Happy

Do you experience physical pain, chronic pain, or reoccurring injuries? It turns out that this kind of pain is directly related to anxiety and can be radically healed and released.

Join Dr. Aziz in this insightful interview with a social worker who trains clinicians in Pain Reprocessing Therapy to discover how to free yourself from pain and anxiety now!

Daniella Deutsch

Daniella Deutsch, ASW received a master’s in social work from the University of Southern California. Daniella individualizes her treatment approach to meet the needs of each patient. She encourages her patients to relate to themselves with self-compassion while using evidence-based practices to achieve pain reduction and mind and body wellness. Daniella trains all new clinicians at the Pain Psychology Center in Pain Reprocessing Therapy, demonstrating a holistic and actionable approach to overcoming chronic pain.

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