Uncover The Secrets Of The World’s Most Fearless And Powerful People

Join Dr. Aziz in the second half of his information packed interview with guest confidence expert Peter Scott IV.

Inside this episode you’ll discover:

=> What “The Fearless Four” are, and how to use them in your life to become more confident than ever before.

=> Powerful tips for meditation mastery.

=> How to face fear in the moment.

=> Peter’s famous 15 Second Reboot to shift your entire energy in a matter of second.

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Show Notes

Peter Scott IV is the Founder of the Fearless Life Academy and Author of the #1 Bestselling book, “The Fearless Mindset”.  He is one of the top mindset mentors for high achieving entrepreneurs in the world.  Peter mentors high achieving entrepreneurs to get fit in less time, double their income and become unstoppable.  You can find out more at Fearless Life Experience.

Dr. Aziz: Hey, everybody. Welcome to this episode of Shrink For The Shy Guy. Today, we’re going to be picking up in an awesome interview with Peter Scott. And he is a super inspiring, super energetic coach who’s had a track record of success in his life in all different industries and he has decided the he is focusing all of his power and intention on helping people become fearless. And he’s the author of a number one bestselling book called The Fearless Mindset. He helps people from all over the world with this stuff. He is a super inspiring guy, we got the first half of the interview in last week show, so if you haven’t caught that you might want to pause this and go back and listen to last week’s, get the first half because there’s a lot of stuff in here that is going to make a lot more sense if you listen of the first half of the interview.


Last time we talk a lot about how to be fearless, what that actually means. How to leverage your body to get into a more powerful peak state, the difference between irrational fears and rational fears and how to know the difference, and of course the one degree moment, which he talked about as well. So if those are intriguing to you, if you don’t know what I’m talking about, go back and listen to that. This week, today, we’re going to get the second half of the interview and he’s going to talk about some fascinating stuff, slowing down time, having a doorman for your life, the Fearless Four, how to start your day so you can just be unstoppable and crush it. He also shares a super powerful golden nugget about how to face fear in the moment, you know that moment of truth before your meeting, before you approach that person, before you even do something that scares you. How do we get into a super powerful state so we can just go kick ass. There’s all kinds of great stuff in here, so let’s dive into the interview now.


Peter Scott IV: You’re going to have challenges in your day, you’re going to have commitments, you’re going to have things that come up there are demands for your time. The best thing you could ever do is to wake up a certain amount of time earlier, let’s say an hour, and put yourself first. Get your meditation in, your workout, for me I’ve got the big four, I’ve got the workout, the meditation, the green smoothie, and reading. I always read or study something in the morning. When I do that I’m in this literally peak performance state that I’ve created the time for me to fill myself up, now I can go out and solve problems, I can go out and create things, I can do things in my business, I can be there for my family and my friends but first, I have to be there for myself.

Dr. Aziz: Yeah. That is powerful. Can you say the four things that are in your ritual again because you went over them fast, but I think they’re really good.


Peter Scott IV: Yeah. So I call this The Fearless Four, so number one is around body and there’s a fitness and a nutrition component. So again for me it’s working out every day, being in motion. Now, that’s going to be different for every single person. So this is one thing, we talked a lot about exercises, Aziz on this call, so I want to make this very relevant to the listener. If anyone is listening and you’re thinking, “Gosh, but exercise is just so boring, it’s not fun,” then what I want to challenge you to do and have you consider is looking at other options of exercise. When I first kind of transform my body I remember having a personal trainer hand me this sheet and says, “Okay. Here’s your goal, so just go run on a treadmill and you’ll achieve those results.” And I don’t care how great the results are that I would’ve gotten, I can’t stand running on a treadmill. I love being outside, I love working out with friends and having some group competition and things like that. So I formulated my workouts to fulfill those things that I view as fun. So I’ve got a hybrid between crossfit and yoga, between surfing and rock climbing, so that’s what I want the listener to do. So that’s number one, is working out.


Number two, is have a green smoothie. For me as busy entrepreneur it’s very easy for me to neglect my nutrition and out of convenience eat something that’s just nearby that may not be the healthiest thing. So if I lack in nutrition most of the time then I kind of hack that process by creating a really healthy powerful green smoothie in the morning. And that, again, it doesn’t give you permission to eat junk food or processed food for the rest of the day, but I feel better by doing that, I literally feel more energy. So that’s number two.


Number three is meditate. I always meditate every single day for 20 minutes. It sounds like a lot of time, meditation is something that I was challenge with for a very long time, thinking I didn’t have time to do it or I don’t know if you can relate to this, Aziz, when I started I was so attach to the outcome and so I was like wanting to feel enlightened or levitate or something, I had no idea but I just wanted some big result. And I would get frustrated that I didn’t get it and I realize, “Okay. It’s not about the result it’s about the process of doing it.” So I made that commitment. I started literally with something as little as two minutes. And now I’m at 20 minutes, 18 minutes of that 20 minutes is usually thoughts going all through my mind and I just sit there and then I get that one or two minute window of like thoughtlessness and that’s where the power comes from.


And then the final thing I recommended was study. I’m a big believer in immersing myself in powerful knowledge and it could be related to personal growth, it could be related to business, to my body, to learning something about how to communicate better with my girlfriend whatever that is. I always go through and read or listen to something in the morning so that I can learn and put myself in that peak state because if I wait to the evening to do it often times other commitments will get in the way and I cancel that. So those are the big four.

Dr. Aziz: I love it. Those are great. And absolutely the earlier, I found the earlier we can do these things the better. And what’s interesting as you were talking I was realizing there’s anyone who is at a really high level, very successful, I just don’t mean they have a lot of money because there’s a lot of people that have a lot of money but their health is a mess or their relationships are a mess. But anyone who’s truly thriving in life they all point to these things. Whether it’s Tony Robbins or Eben Pagan, I mean, everyone’s talking about Wacky Smoothies and so if you’re listening to this and be like, ”Oh, what the hell is a green smoothie,” it is, I’m serious, I drink green smoothies too, so there’s a trend here. And if you start to crack this code and start to do these things which might initially seem kind of tangential, “Like wait, I’m going to work out? How’s that going to help me, I have more confidence at work.” And I mean you might actually be able to see a direct parallel, but it might feel a little tangential but success leaves clues and every single person that’s at these high levels are saying this, so I think this is a fantastic, I love that, The Fearless Four.

Peter Scott IV: Yeah. And full transparency, Aziz, I didn’t create this, right, these aren’t new thoughts, I have learned these from mentors, from podcast I’ve listen to, books I’ve read. And when you hear that, I love your mindset of like let’s learn from the best of the people we want to become like and reverse engineer and adopt what applies to us or what works for us and discard what doesn’t. But by doing that and just trusting the process like for the listener, listen if you’ve got resistance on it, that’s okay. What I ask you to do is just kind of test it out, I always test things, Aziz, so I’m like, “Okay. Maybe I don’t believe in this a hundred percent but let me test it for 30 days. Let me just see what it would be like for 30 days to do this and then I know, ‘Okay, this is something I’m going to stay committed to.’”


Dr. Aziz: So you mentioned one thing in there which I want to go a little deeper into which is meditation and I know people might have heard of that or might even have read about it or researched it a little bit, but let’s, not so much as generally what it is because anyone can find that on the internet, but what do you do and what have you found really helpful and what has been your experience been with that? Because I think most people can find access to what it is but then when it comes to actually doing it there’s snags, there’s pitfalls, there’s challenges, there’s this endless loops, and there’s giving up and it’s just like another… it’s like working out in a way. It’s like a different kind of thing that we can start and then stop. So I love to hear your thoughts about, your experience with it, the process of it that sort of thing.


Peter Scott IV: Absolutely I will. Yeah. Because when I started, Aziz, it was really, really challenging for me to stay committed to it. Again, I would sit down for three minutes and my mind would be running around like crazy and I would get frustrated from it. So, first, what I want the listener to take away is that you don’t have to do an hour, 20 minutes, even 10 minutes but I recommend starting with about five minutes, two to five minutes and making the commitment to do it every day. And that can seem overwhelming, I remember when I started, I wanted to meditate three days a week and the problem with making commitments like that is that if you were to only workout three days a week or meditate three days then that means four days out of the week you’re going to wake up and ask yourself is this the day that I’m going to take off? So you’re literally looking for days to not follow through on your own commitment.

So a hundred commitment is far easier than a 90% commitment is. So, number one is do it every day, do it for a small amount of time. A great resource to use and this is something that’s very new to me, I’ve only used it for the last 12 days is an app called Headspace. I don’t know if you ever heard of this, Aziz, I wish I had access to this when I started my meditation but it’s a very easily consumable guided meditation where you meditate for 10 minutes a day and I think you can adjust that time. I really like it. My journey started with what’s called ascension meditation. I learn this form of meditation from a mentor of mine who was trained by Ishaya monks which is where this meditation came from and simply a meditation where what you do is you repeat a mantra in your mind and what a mantra is simply a word or a series of words that you focus your mind on, okay. So instead of trying to go without thoughts, what you do is you say something like… what I would say in my meditation is, “I unconditionally love and accept myself.” That would be my mantra and I would just repeat that in my mind not out loud, but in mind over and over again I would focus on breathing in through the nose and breathing out through the nose and just do that over and over and I would ascend from one mantra to another. I would have five different mantras. And so that allowed me to focus my mind and not get consumed by all this other thoughts and when thoughts that was okay, I didn’t judge them, I didn’t get discourage about them, I just sat there and made the commitment to be still for that amount of time.

Another quick thing is I keep my phone on airplane mode or off. I’ll find an environment where there’s no distractions. I set an alarm because when I started meditating I would start wondering, okay, has it been five minutes, has it been an hour, am I missing my meeting or my call, so I have an alarm that goes off when I’m done but that’s what my strategy with meditation.

Dr. Aziz: That’s great. That’s helpful. Yeah. My experience with it is similar in that it would be starting and then stopping and then feeling overwhelming. And then the most absurd thing of all which is like, “Five minutes? I don’t have time for that.

Peter Scott IV: Yes. Yeah.

Dr. Aziz: And that’s when you realized that it’s not really about time. I think some of our resistance to it is that it’s really… there’s no escape, you’re just there with yourself and your feelings and your thoughts and we can’t be in perpetual motion getting away from them and that’s the part I think we, at first, it’s just another form of discomfort that we might want to get away from.


Peter Scott IV: Exactly. Yeah. And another thing that’d be really valuable is if you’re just starting out with meditation is to find someone to hold you accountable, it could be a friend, it could be a family member. For me, I think the highest level of accountability comes from coaches or somebody that you invest in because then you’re actually committed financially, so you’re going to follow through more. So for me I have all my clients track and measure their commitments around working out, around green smoothies, around meditation and they report back to me every single week and that sounds like a lot of structure but it’s required in order to build a habit. And after a certain period of time I believe about 90 days then that habit becomes what I call an unconscious structured rhythm. Unconscious. You don’t even think about it. You don’t have to rely on self-discipline or will power, you just wake up and that’s who you are, it’s your identity, it’s how you live your life it’s like brushing your teeth. And the intention for all of us should be to get our fitness, our meditation, the income produced and activities in our business, whatever that is, those become unconscious habits that become just who we are.

Dr. Aziz: Hmm. That’s powerful. So one thing I’m curious about which would be… to going back to fearless is we got this morning workout that we do, these mindset shifts, meditation, diet, breathing, all of this good input, what about that moment where it’s later in the day, it’s 2:00 and you got that meeting coming up and you’re nervous about it because you’re like, “There’s something riding on this one,” whether it’s, “I could get something and I hope I do,” or, “Oh God, I hope I don’t mess it up.” Or there’s that moment it’s 7:00 pm and there’s that person over there you see and like ooh, I want to go talk to her or him or whatever and yet there’s that moment, there’s that one degree moment in our lives, do you have any tips or things that you do in your life or hope your clients do too to take that moment, to go boldly into that moment so we don’t regret it for the rest of the day or the rest of our lives.


Peter Scott IV: Yes. This is a golden nugget, so I want the listener to pull over their car if they’re driving and write this down because this is really, really valuable and I experience this a lot, Aziz, so one thing that I know to be true is that human beings every day, multiple times a day, we reach what I call a drift, we start drifting, okay, and that drift could be, we start losing confidence or we start feeling bored, maybe we feel tired, we’ve been working all day at the computer, our energy is low, we start drifting, we want to distract ourselves, escape from reality. And what I do in those is what I call a shift and a shift out of the drift and the way I do that, number one, is by oxygenating the body. Okay. So now the big long meditation, what I do is literally close my eyes and I take five deep, powerful breaths in through the nose and out through the mouth. Okay. And I close my eyes, breathe in through the nose, out through the mouth and it oxygenates my body. So that right there makes me feel better. Then I speak one word of how I’m feeling authentically, so it could be nervous, it could be confident, it could focus, it could be stress, it could be angry, whatever it is it doesn’t have to be positive, it’s whatever your truth is. Speak that and then I move my body, so I will do five burpees or five air squats or five push-ups and it sounds hilarious and can be seen as ridiculous, I will do this, Aziz, in coffee shops, I’m sitting down working at my computer and I’m feeling tired and I’m like, “Okay. I’ve got to push through this,” I literally will step up, go outside or find an open area near my table, take five deep breaths, speak one word of my authentic feeling and then move body and in 15 seconds it’s a reboot to my entire system.

So it’s like a shortcut hack for getting out of state, in to state and you can feel this when you get nervous about that presentation, maybe when you’re nervous about having that conversation with somebody you meet at a bar, not be best to be at a bar and like drop down on the floor and do this weird thing that may kind of make her feel uncomfortable but you can find an area and do that and I promise you will feel so much better and you no longer will you miss out on opportunities like that.

Dr. Aziz: I love it. That is a super powerful, simple three-step process that I know will produce powerful results.

Peter Scott IV: Absolutely.

Dr. Aziz: And if you use it in your life, oxygen, the most vital resource, we all need more of it, we’re all usually just breathing barely enough to stay alive. I love that speaking out one word, it really helps you distil down, cut through the clutter and whatever, all the rambling thoughts and just be like what’s actually happening and then of course all those activities you mentioned are like power generating, they’re going to physically activate your body.

Peter Scott IV: Yes.

Dr. Aziz: Yeah. I love it. It’s similar… I notice one thing I’ll do is I will get up and down, this is probably from my Tony Robbins training and like jump up and down. I’ll actually set a timer to make sure I do it for a minute because otherwise I’ll do it for like 10 seconds and be like, yeah, but you got to kind of get into this, I’ll like, “Okay. Let me put on a song, let me literally jump up and down, let me breathe as I do it, let me hit my chest and like yell and do push-ups and,” yeah, it’s amazing whether it is a challenging experience you got to face, i find this is incredibly valuable for just like, “Oh God, I got to call the insurance company and then I got to do this.”

Peter Scott IV: Totally, yes. I do that same thing, that’s hilarious. And like I learn this stuff, I think, at first, Aziz, from Tony. I think it was a UPW event that I went to and one thing that he really teaches and what he’s mastered is NLP, Neuro-linguistic Programming and listeners can totally dive deeper on that on their own if they want to, but one thing that I’ll do also and I just want to share this is I’ll envision what I call a ring of power in front of me, okay. So if I’m feeling bored or I’m feeling nervous then I literally go back in my mind to that one moment where I was in a peek state, where I felt unstoppable, where I felt courageous and certain and decisive and powerful, and I literally go back and see what I saw, I hear what I heard, I feel what I felt and then I step into this ring of power in front of me and I’ve anchored that to create that state. So if I’m about to step on stage, I envision this ring of power in front of me. When I’m about to talk to a total stranger, I envision that, I step into that as I approach them and then I speak confidently and just like it’s literally like a way for me to tap into source and something like comes through me when I do that. So, that’s another technique.

Dr. Aziz: That’s a powerful one. Yes, ring of power… what color is your ring of power?

Peter Scott IV: Mine’s red.

Dr. Aziz: Red. I love it. You were saying that I was… mine was like fire orange, so. I love it. This is… there’s so much stuff here. I can just… one thing I really about talking to you, Peter, is there’s a ton of actionable ideas but even better than that is you can tell how much you live this and how much this is direct… this is not something that you kind of intellectually talk about from afar, this is like embedded into your life and that’s what’s allowing you to do what you’re doing in the world and making an impact. So it comes through really congruently.

Peter Scott IV: Thank you. That reflection means the world to me. When I started building my coaching business, Aziz, I knew that in order for me to have the greatest impact in people’s lives, I had to be doing what I was teaching. I had to be of integrity. Because I saw so many people out there that were sharing the message that they weren’t living and it was incongruent and you could see it and their business was eroding because of it, and so for me one of the reasons why I’m able to get out of bed at 5:00 am and go workout is not just because of my commitment to it but because I’m asking my clients to do that too. And so I feel like I would be a fraud if I was holding them to their greatness but not doing that for myself.

Dr. Aziz: So you ask them about their fearless four and their green smoothie and you’re like leaning back and eating a Snickers bar.

Peter Scott IV: Exactly. Yeah, totally. Sadly there are some people out there, right, are like that. So it’s like, “You know what, I’ve seen that. I know that’s not what I want to be,” and so that acknowledgment, that reflection means a lot to me. Thank you.

Dr. Aziz: Yeah. I love it. I resonate with that a lot and I think that’s just part of living your purpose and it’s symbiotic like you are leading and by leading you’re forced to keep holding this high standard which then inspires others and it’s this kind of circular loop, so it’s powerful. And speaking of the work that you’re doing in the world, someone’s listening and they are excited to know more, find out about you, you mentioned your fearless intenses, immersions, how can someone… talk for just a moment about these immersions that you and then how people can find out more about you.

Peter Scott IV: Absolutely. Yeah. So the immersions I call the Fearless Life Experience and it’s a three-day immersion where I take a very intimate small group, about 12 people through the experience of literally facing their fear. So we will go surfing in the ocean with surf instructors, we’ll go hang gliding, we’ll do these experiences, go through intense workouts to where to all this content that you and I, Aziz, shared on this call, I actually teach and train in this experiential immersion. And I do it for 12 people and we focus on mindset, we focus on relationships, we focus on business, and my intention is for each person to walk away with what I call a peak performance ritual, something where they have complete clarity and a strategy to commit to these daily actions and habits and something to hold them accountable so that they start taking action in the face of their fears, they no longer let those stories or those limited beliefs or those doubts control them. So that’s my greatest passion. I love doing that. I do coach people, I have a mastermind that I lead but it all starts there, everyone I work with starts by going through the Fearless Life Experience. And the listener can totally find out more about that at fearlesslifeexperience.com

Dr. Aziz: Awesome. And you also wrote a number one bestselling book about this, about how to be fearless. How can people find out about that and you also mentioned that there’s ways to get some resources or downloads or just a way someone could get started right away?

Peter Scott IV: Yeah. So the book, you can find the book on Amazon, it’s called the Fearless Mindset. And in writing the book, Aziz, one thing that I did was I interviewed some of the most fearless people that I’ve had the privilege of knowing, people that have built incredible businesses or have created extraordinary relationships and overcome a lot of adversity, a lot of anxiety, a lot of fears. And so I interviewed them and actually put some of their interviews in the book, but I would love to gift your audience and the listener is for free, all of the recordings of the interviews that I’ve done and sample chapters of the book. They’re completely free, I have it on a website, it’s thefearlessmindsetbook.com and you can link that up in the show notes if you want to, Aziz, but that way they can hear all of these, the mp3s and of course if they want to pick up the book and dive deeper, they can do that by just searching the Fearless Mindset on Amazon.

And the last thing is I create a lot of content on my personal blog, my website which is designafearlesslife.com and then also social media, I create so much stuff on social medias from Facebook videos to posts and things like that. And so I’d love for the listener to send me a request and connect with me and they can look me up and find me by just searching Peter Scott IV as in the fourth.

Dr. Aziz: Wow. I love it. There’s so many resources there. I think those interviews are going to be awesome and I’m definitely excited to listen to those myself, that’s tremendous resource to give out. So thank you so much for that, Peter. We’ll have all of the links below that he mentioned in the show notes, so go to shrinkfortheshyguy.com and you’ll be able to find the show there and click on anything that he mentioned. And also, thank you so much for coming on the show and sharing, this is awesome pearls of wisdom.

Peter Scott IV: You’re so welcome, Aziz. Again, thank you for allowing me to share my message with your audience and I hope it was valuable and actionable. And I want to leave the listener with this, as inspiring as this information can be and this interview is, go implement it, go take action on it because knowledge is only power if it’s actually implemented into your life. So take action on this stuff and let us know how much your quality of life improves.

Dr. Aziz: Word. That brings us to the end of the interview and almost the end of the show, but there’s one more thing that we always got to end with because, I mean, this stuff as he says, Peter said is almost irrelevant if you don’t put it into use.

Action Step

Dr. Aziz: Your action step for today is to take one of these gems that Peter share with us, whether it’s the 15 second reboot, the fearless four, or just one of the four of the fearless four or that ring of power thing he was talking about. One thing that he talked about in the interview that you’re going to apply in your life and then think about how you’re going to do it and what you’re going to do and where it’s going to go in the schedule and how to make it part of your life. So don’t try to apply all 18 things that he shared because that can just be overwhelming. If you don’t have any of the fearless four in your life right now, you don’t work out, you don’t meditate, you don’t eat healthy or drink green smoothies, and you don’t read anything inspiring, don’t try to do all four of those right now or tomorrow, pick one and start small. He said he started with two minutes of meditation a day, so if meditation is your thing, pick two minutes. If it’s a workout, you don’t do anything right now just make it ten minutes of walking, whatever it is, get into motion, get these into your life, pick one and install it. As he said if you do that for 90 days then it’ll start become unconscious, you won’t have to use up your will power to do it and you can add more and more and more, start stacking them on top of each other until you just become a brutally awesome unstoppable badass.

And that is going to mean a much higher quality of life because that’s what this is all about, it’s how you can created the life that you want, you can feel good about yourself, you can like who you are, you can do things that are exciting to you, you can have the relationships and connections that inspire you and fill you up and really ultimately live this one life that we got with as much passion and purpose as possible. So thanks so much for joining us today, and until we speak again may you have the courage to be who you are and to know on a deep level that you’re awesome.



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