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Join Dr. Aziz in the second part of his interview with the Barefoot Doctor, where they dive into how to reclaim that sense of ease, joy, and innocence.

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Welcome To Today’s Show!

Hey, welcome to today’s episode of the show. Today we are going to be picking back up with my guest expert Doctor Steven Russell. And if you have listened to the first half, you probably learned some pretty powerful stuff about how he used ancient Taoist wisdom, this whole field of study that has been developing for thousands of years in your life now.

It doesn’t have to be some weird, esoteric ancient knowledge. You can actually use this stuff to be more confident right now for your next business meeting; for your next conversation with someone; for just driving in your car and if you’re feeling tensed and stressed out and worried what are they going to think; doubting yourself; not sure about your future; this stuff can help and it’s powerful and it’s profound. If you haven’t listened to that first episode of last week, the first part of the interview, go back and check it out now cause it will prep you for this second part.

And in this interview were going to be diving deeper into how to use Taoist philosophy this way of being in the world, to relax yourself, to be calm and centered no matter what happens, to be able to take life head on and not get so battered around by the ups and downs, how to really trust and have an eternal sense of optimism about the future and about yourself and to really ultimately be fearless in the way that we approach life.

So there are some really great stuff in this interview, I encouraged you to give it your full attention, grab some notes to take if you can, to write something down that sticks with you that strikes you. And as always do the exercises he suggests as we go through it together and I think you will be amazed at the shifts that you feel.

So without further ado let’s jump into that interview right now.

Expert Interview

And a practical guidance on when I really like what you’re saying about focusing the attention, and the energy towards the back half of my body. Do you have any guidance on do you just sort of really bring your awareness to a certain point like you’re lower back or your upper back or at the back of your head. Any guidance on specifically how to mechanically with our awareness do that?

Steven: Well you can take each area pretty like that and that does work for sure. And one of the quickest shortcuts that I found for it, is this; If you visualize that you’re inhaling through every pore of the skin in the front of your body and face and that your drawing the breathe like in a big whoosh back in to the back of you, the back of the brain and the back of the body, then you breathe out from the back of the body. And through the front again and out through every pore of the skin in the front and the front of the face and you let that forward thrust of the breathe, push you backwards inside even more. So you’re breathing in through all of your front into your back which obviously gets you into your back. And then as you breathe out, your kind of pushing against that, like when you’re taking off in the plane down the run way. So you’re thrusting back even further on the out breathe and you only need to do three or four breathes like that and you’ll be in your back, does that resonate?

Dr. Aziz: yes, that’s really fascinating, that’s something I never considered, I studied a lot of mediation there’s a lot of focus on the breathe, the chakras, all that stuff but I never heard anything about the back of the body, I think that is fascinating. And one thing I’m curious about and listeners might be noticing is, do you think that part of us that wants to be in control and kind of the forward thrusting part of our consciousness, will that, is part of us resistant to letting go and to really being in the back of our body and being in the flow? Is there a part of us that doesn’t want to do that and might throw up road blocks or resistance to that?

Steven: You do ask great questions Doctor, of course the front part of us if you like the constructed self it exists because we’ve constructed it and it’s what Freud called the ego. And it clings to its existence for dear life and it won’t want to let go because it’s habituated to being the guy in the front if you like.

And so yes, definitely there will be resistance. However, just allowing yourself to sink back, for just a second, the peace and bliss that comes out of that subtle as it maybe, is notable enough for your soul if you like to register it. And like go oh that’s right, that’s better. And then of course the other part will fight and go, no, no, no. and you’ll be back in the front again, getting busy I mean it happens to me every day all day long. That’s how it goes; you get an oscillation between the two. But if you stay with it and be patient with yourself, as I say it only takes about three months of about maybe ten moments in the day of dropping back for a second, no more. It’s usually all we can manage really unless you’re actually actively meditating. For it to become the default position, it’s quite remarkable, it happens on its own. And so yes of course there will be resistance, but it’s so habitual to want to sort things out by getting busy in the front that you can’t expect it just to disappear. And nor should it because where would the fun be then there wouldn’t be a challenge there. But gradually, naturally it occurs if you just keep remembering, just for a moment to drop back and it’s so powerful that it takes over and then everything shifts.
The Daoist call it the backward flowing motion and if you are into meditation, what is extremely enjoyable it doesn’t happen often but you can get it to happen, is you sink back right like I just described. But then you keep going back as if you’re going out at the back of your body and you let yourself fall backwards and backwards and backwards through inner space. You’ll find yourself going at an incredible speed accelerating exponentially as you go.
And as you accelerate going backwards, you find yourself expanding as well. Your presence gets bigger, and bigger and bigger. Until you find yourself as big as the entire universe. And then there you are you become what they call the Dao itself, you are that. You’ve dropped away all the disguises of the material world and have become the big presence itself. And it’s a beautiful place to see if you can manage it for a moment. That’s the sort of one the big ones in the Daoist mediation practice.
Dr. Aziz: I love it and it’s really beautiful concept and it also reminds me of something you said earlier in our conversation about how on some level through our subconscious mind, through some part of our being, were connected to everything and this is something that has been known or theorized for thousands of years. And more recently physicists and scientist are trying to even further delve how this can be. And I love that, this image of us being connected to Saturn in some way. And that fits with what I know about Daoism. And my question for you is, how to kind of use this as sort of an idea of being in the flow of life and the universe unfolding and I know we can get into a lot of suffering with fear about the future. Fear about that’s not going to go well, that’s not going to work out, I’m not going to get the job , they’re going to fire me, she’s not going to like me so on and so forth?
How can we use in addition to what we’ve described by going to the back of our body, just more of the sort of the Daoist approach to that, to life and how to trust more in that connectivity that we have with the flow?
Steven: yes well the Daoist call back phenomenon “Gruway” which means effortlessly manifesting whatever you need as you go along or allowing whatever if it’s a manifest itself more accurately. And the way this is done is through developing intentionality. And as I said before, for me after many years of practice, rather than focusing on specifics about, is she going to like me, isn’t she going to like me, am I going to lose the money or make the money or whatever. My intentions as being home down to let this all unfold with supreme elegance because for me that just encapsulates everything. And I don’t have to worry about the details at all. They will take care of themselves as elegance is elegance there won’t be any confusion about that. It becomes a lot easier to trust when we do this from the back of us because in the back of us as I said, we’re not bothered by if it goes this way or that way because we can feel that the relationship we have, is with that, it’s with the Dao.
The Dao translates the way the flow of events if you like and the presence informing the flow of events. In the west we would call it God but that has religious connotations. So I tend to avoid using the word just to avoid confusion but it’s the same thing. It’s the inevitable indescribable presence that the primordial consciousness that makes everything be. And the more we sink into the back the more clearer it becomes that’s with whom the relationship exists.
And that all the physical relationships we have with those around us are merely an expression of that. And that whatever we need to support us on the journey will be given. So whoever it is, whatever it is, whatever opportunity, whoever it is we need to have in our orbit. Will be brought to us naturally and of course by their freewill as well. So we don’t have to worry anymore about if it goes this way or that way. And then understanding and having seen it operating enough times to the cycle of the yin and yang. You know that if she doesn’t like you, it’s because somebody else is waiting in the wings, whose going to be even more compatible with you. If that job doesn’t work out or that deal doesn’t pan out, it’s because another one will.
So when these moments of great apparent defeats occur and they do occur for all of us, of course the front part of us will go, this will go wrong, this will all go down the loo, it’s going to go down the toilet, it’s all finished, I was deluded even thinking it could work out, but if you actually stay in the back and welcome that slide because you know as you bottom out you will come back up the other way. And it will be beautiful and that what will be required for you will come your way in a more wonderful way that you’d had imagine.
And interestingly the more you get to learn to trust the cycle , just by observation and experience the less dramatic those swings tend to become, it stops having to give you such strong lessons in yin and yang because you’re getting it already. So then when you get a pain in your body for example, rather than fight it, you go okay, so this is the Dao, this is the big presence saying hello to me in a kind of painful way. Rather than fight it, I’ve learned to go I love you, I love you, I love you, say it about three or four times, the pain actually goes away.
When presented with a horrible situation of like, somebody reneges on a deal or you can lose money or whatever the tendency obviously is to go, oh no ,this is awful I’ve got to change it instead , I’ve learned to go I love you, I love you, I love you it’s the Dao, saying hello to me, I love you. And the more I do that the quicker the thing turns around and presents me with the antidote.
So how we learn to trust I don’t know if there’s a quick answer, it takes time but this being in the back and knowing that the Dao is your relationship, trusting it. It rewards that really quite quickly by showing you that you were right to do so. I mean, if we stripe away any possible romance out of this, you could just say that the one thing we can say for sure is that, the Dao or reality is whatever you believe it to be it will mirror that back at you. So if nothing else rather than take this an asking of faith, if you just check that whatever you believe that Dao will do, it will do, it will mirror that back at you, if nothing else. So I wouldn’t say that you need to have faith because this isn’t a religion that’s quite important to understand there’s no faith required in this it’s a pragmatic, existential experiment with reality. That’s all it is. And if it works, it works, if it doesn’t, it doesn’t, you drop it and do something else. And that’s also quite important because the spiritual or religious aspect of us and we all have that or most of us have it. It doesn’t conflict with this system at all. So you can quite easily for example, feel the presence of Jesus in your back if that’s where you’re at, that day of for your whole life. And it will have a lot more power and effect doing that, than if you’re not in your back. But also conversely if you were into that say, or you were into Gonnesiour or Hydra or whoever, when you really get into praying properly if you’re in that mode, you’ll find that you are in your back. And that’s the whole point of this. When you’re feeling really, really good, just spontaneously or you’ve really gone into deep spiritual state, you will be in, you’re back anyway.
Your belly will relax anyway that’s why you feel good. So all this is doing is shifting it, its reverse engineering it. And going get on your back, relax you’re belly, and you’ll have the experience. So when I say this, I’m not (inaudible), or suggesting people should do any of that stuff. I’m just saying that if you do or enter any spiritual path this in no way conflicts with that at all. It just provides a mechanism to make it more efficient if you like.
Dr. Aziz: Absolutely and I love it and there’s two things I’m so curious about in what you said there.
One is just a quick question about when something goes not the way you want it to and there’s that pain in your body or your mind. And you’ve practiced just saying I love you, I love you, I love you, are you saying that focusing on the tension in your body or focusing on the person that rejected you or everything, Like where are you focusing?
Steven: you’re focusing on the sensation you’ve got inside of you. So like if you say to the girl says no I don’t want to see you anymore and you have to access, you have to spot, why is this hurting in my body? What am I actually feeling, where’s the tension and then you focus in on it and then you know that, that tension is actually an expression of the Dao and you just say to it, hey I love you, I love you, I love you rather than fighting it and it will disperse.
Dr. Aziz: that’s beautiful.
Steven: Yes it is beautiful, it’s amazing.
Dr Aziz: And one other thing is you said I love you, you’re saying this isn’t a religious floss for you, you don’t have to buy into anything just experiment with what this brings you in your life. And I’m going to voice one thing that sort of my western trained, rational control oriented mind can sort of spasm about and it might be and some of our listeners might have this question too, you said one thing which is, that person says no, this things doesn’t happen the way you want it to and that’s okay because there’s something else that is even more perfect for you. And some part of my mind says how do you, really is that true? Is there always something better down the road?
Steven: Well in my experience yes, I would like to tell you, I mean it does work to me and that it seems to work with everybody I have ever shared this with, but that doesn’t mean it’s true I don’t know you have to find out for yourself and try it. But then, what this brings up is another question, we have this; I think, innate dread of dying. Thinking that it’s all about what we have in this world and we have got to make it amazing and amazing and amazing. But actually the death part of it is probably the most important and beautiful aspect of the whole ride, where in the front self drops away and all that’s left is the back self, that presence inside. So even if it got to the point where because that’s what were really scared of, it’s like “well oh yeah okay but what if that’s not true and there isn’t something better. And then I’m going to go into a decline, I’ll never meet another girl again, I’ll never make any money and I am going to die as a destitute bum on the street.
That’s generally, I mean, to say that story if you want, but I mean that’s fear, what if it doesn’t actually swing back round again. That means it’s going to be defeat and that means death eventually, and that’s horrible. Say even that the very worst happened I mean look at what’s going on in the world, there’s enough people suffering horrible deaths even now. What this does is it actually makes you realize that isn’t your enemy, you don’t have to be afraid of dying either. That’s just a passage; it’s something everybody is going to go through. And you actually get a sense, the more you get in your back that even that, is beautiful, that’s going home. And so there is no defeat it’s like even if it doesn’t swing round in this lifetime, it will swing round after that. That’s how it feels I can’t say, believe me because I don’t know, I can’t prove it but that’s the way it tends to feel.
However the enormity of that aside, I have never known it, not swing round into something better when something has dropped away. When something as fallen away that I really thought what was going to happen and should happen and it didn’t, it always swung round to something better afterwards. That’s all I can tell you that’s my experience that people will have to try it. But also that spasm that you’re talking about that’s beautiful, that’s part of the front self, resisting. When you go into the back self, you think it doesn’t matter, it really doesn’t matter anyway. It doesn’t matter I’m just so delighted just to be alive for as long as it is. And I’m not going to let anything spoil my delight in being here, no matter what, even if some fucker in Syria wants to chop my head off. I mean I would not want that, I wouldn’t wish it on anybody. But excuse my language, in that moment I’m not going to even that spoil my delight in being alive, even that I’m still going to be present with the big presence even in that moment because that’s what it makes you feel, it does give you that kind of courage.
Dr. Aziz: That’s brilliant and that actually were getting close to the end of our time and that’s one thing I’d love to end with and it cycles back around to something you said, which is that commitment to just delighting and being alive. And I’m wondering if you can share just a little more about your ideas on that and how we can really as much as possible stay in that place of being marveled at this existence and how incredible it is. And any thoughts you have on that, I’d love to hear.
Steven: Okay let me give you a practical one because you really are brilliant with your question because it’s the one thing I forgot to say. That the final key to the whole thing the engenders that allows that delight to be the constant state is this, that when you’re in the back, you got your breathing regulations, you got your muscles all softened, you got your energy sunk down, so that your mind is relatively calm. The next thing is from the back of you, you visualize that the two halves of your breastplate, your breast bone slide a part like a pair of sliding doors to reveal what you might be seen if you like, in the core of your chest. There’s a cluster of precious jewels garnets and rubies and so on. Right at the center, a beautiful crimson rose colored light, and a gorgeous fragrance, whatever you imagine it to be, roses or whatever. And just visualizing that keeps the heart center open. Whenever the heart center is open like that, the heart energy the heart’s chi is love that’s what it is. And you can’t help but feel that courage and elation the delight, the pure glee of just being. It’s just is innate it’s not a mind thing at all. It’s purely energetic. You just relax the heart like that and that feeling is there come what may.
Dr. Aziz: That is great, I love that and I really appreciate the practical guidance like that little visualization there and other things that you describe. I think those are going to be of great value of how we can take this and really apply it in our lives. So thank you so much for joining and I feel that we have just scratched the surface of everything that’s there. And I feel like I could talk to you for six hours about this stuff.
And if someone wants to learn more from you, I know you teach a lot about how to deal with life, how to deal with fear, physical health, I mean we didn’t even get in to that. But that’s one of your areas of specialty. How can people learn more from you Steven?
Steven: Well there’s few things I recommend, one is that every Sunday, pretty much throughout the year, I do a thing called a satsang which is a life-guided meditation online which is really beautiful people come from all over the world. And I just talk us through a meditation which has a certain quality to it, because there is so many people joining together doing it that runs through these principles and stuff that inner guided meditation style. That I would recommend it’s really beautiful.
Then I do a training called the psychology of fear which is a six week online training, very easy to do which shows you exactly how to master your fear and how to actually turn it to advantage. And then another one which occurs to me is there’s quite a few of them but the one that just launched is called super healing. And it provides everything we just been talking about but shows you how to heal yourself as in make yourself whole and therefore how to heal other people. Again it’s a six week online training all of these you just get from going to the website. There on their courses of meditation or events. Truly I can’t remember what they are under but they are on there you just spend a moment looking you’ll find them there. That is what and then yes…
Dr. Aziz: and then I’ll put a link below but in case someone is just listening to the audio or in the car whatever what is the website to go to?
Dr. Aziz:, well that’s great I mean I personally I’m going to go check out some of those myself and dive in deeper because this is, it’s just a whole other way of approaching it, very different than sort of the cognitive western way and much deeper and soothing in many ways. Even just hearing you describe this stuff, I feel shifts in my body
So thank you so much for joining us Steven and I look forward to continually see what you share in the world.
Steven: And I look forward to continue our dialogue as we go along because you are a joy to talk to you. Thank you.
Dr. Aziz: thank you so much.
That brings us to the end of the interview and to the end of the time that we together but before we go we have to end with what we always end with which is your action step:

Action Step

The action step for today is to really try on this philosophy of that, that life is unfolding as it should. Just what we talked about in the interview, remember and how if we don’t get what we want, it’s because there is something later on that was meant to happen that is more beneficial to us that is really what we needed ultimately. I said if that woman rejects you then down the road there is someone that’s even a better fit for you. And that’s been absolutely true in my life.

I mean there are several women that I was just pining after and I was so depressed that it didn’t work out and struggling about for so long. And then I mean now I look back with the amazing relationship I have with my wife and I’m like, thank god I didn’t end up with them or it didn’t work out. And so what I want you to do is really study your own life and look back at some of the things that were tragedies or shouldn’t have happened or “bad things” and see if you can see what came after. What was the silver lining what came about as a result? What was the next better thing that came into your life after you didn’t get what you want, after the setback, after the failure?
That’s your homework, that’s your action step for today. And that brings us to the end of our time together. Again thanks so much for listening and I look forward to speaking with you in the future and joining into the conversation with you at You can also go to the to check out all of the materials about Steven Russell. And all of the links are going to be there as well to access his programs.

And I look forward to speaking with you in the future. And until we do, may you have the courage to be who you are and to know on a deep level, that you’re awesome. I’ll talk to you soon.

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