More Confidence = More Freedom with Denise Gosnell

Take Charge Of Your Career

Do you feel pressed for time, buried in a never-ending to-do list, or burdened by a chronic sense of “have to”? Join Dr. Aziz as he interviews Denise Gosnell to discover how to reclaim your time, steer your career, and live life on your terms.

Denise Gosnell

Denise Gosnell is a speaker, author, attorney, strategist, and 7 figure
entrepreneur. Denise owns 3 companies, including the Vacation Effect™,
a coaching, and training company. (See details at
The Vacation Effect™ is focused on helping busy entrepreneurs learn
some unconventional ways to become hyper-efficient and take more
time off, so they can grow their business even faster and have a lot
more fun.
Denise believes that the American business culture to grind, grind,
grind is wrong, wrong, wrong. That’s why she teaches
entrepreneurs and achievers how to grow faster by
subtracting – not by adding more – from their to-do list.
She also helps entrepreneurs adopt a freedom mindset
and eliminate the feelings of pressure and guilt about
having to over-work.
Denise’s proprietary methods combine business
strategy, productivity hacking, lifestyle design and
business growth best practices to enable busy
entrepreneurs to free up 8 business days a month
for mini-vacations or whatever they like, while
growing their business even faster.
A few of these growth principles are covered in
more detail in the Growth Hacking Cheat Sheet,
which is available upon request, or through a free
download at
Denise also helps companies learn how to improve
company culture by creating an environment
where team members are rewarded in fun and
creative ways for helping the company operate
smarter, not harder.
Part of this approach involves facilitating and funding
employee bucket lists in ways that bring more of the
entrepreneurial spirit and joy to the team while also
improving the company’s performance.

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