How To Access Unlimited Courage When You Need It Most

Are you brave? Do you see yourself that way? Join Dr. Aziz in this inspiring episode where he teaches you what bravery really is, and how to adopt an empowering identity of being a brave person.

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NOT NICE: How To Speak Up For Yourself

Speak Up

Remove Roadblocks And Start Being More Assertive Today

Do you tend to hesitate, hold back, and talk yourself out of speaking up? Perhaps you are anxious about how it will go, or how the other person will respond. Join Dr. Aziz in this inspiring and informative episode where you will learn exactly why we hold back, and how to start speaking up for yourself socially, at work, and everywhere in your life.

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NOT NICE: The Five Pillars Of Anti-Nice


The 5 Keys To Breaking Free To The Most Bold, Authentic Version Of Yourself

The opposite of nice is to be the most direct, expressive, bold, and authentic version of yourself. Join Dr. Aziz as he highlight the 5 pillars of Anti-Nice, including: Have Boundaries, Own Your Shadow, Speak Up, Say No, and Be More Selfish.

Dr. Aziz’s brand new book, Not Nice goes on sale next week on November 1st, 2017.

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NOT NICE: The High Cost Of Nice


How Being Too Nice Can Hurt Your Relationships, Mood, And Health

Many people believe that being nice is a good thing. Not only is being too nice often based in people-pleasing and insecurity, it also can take a toll on your mental and physical health. Join Dr. Aziz as he reveals the real impact of being too nice on your mind and body.

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NOT NICE: What Nice Really Is


Why Being More Nice Doesn’t Get You Want You Want In Life

Join Dr. Aziz in a revealing episode where you will learn exactly what is behind patterns of niceness. Instead of it being linked with kindness and generosity, niceness often comes from fear, people-pleasing, approval seeking, and other toxic patterns that limit your life and relationships.

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The Right And Wrong Ways To Approach A Woman


We have a special episode for you today as we have a co-host who is a confidence coach on our team and dating coach.

A great conversation with Dr.Aziz and Amber as they dive into the topic of HOW TO APPROACH A WOMAN.

You always want to know what to do, and what NOT to do…Amber not only brings her viewpoint as a dating coach but also from a woman in these key points of approaching woman.

  1. Body Language
  2. Not Planned Out
  3. Uncertainty

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How To Powerfully Influence Anyone with Dr. Hope Hills

Strong ConversationsThe Secret To Pulling Others Into A Friendly, Cooperative Conversation With You

You have way more power than you realize to influence anyone, even your boss or those who have power over you. Join Dr. Aziz in the second half of his interview with Dr. Hope Hills as you learn even more about how to influence others by adopting a dominant-friendly pattern of communication.
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How To Be Less Submissive with Dr. Hope Hills


How To Stop Hiding And Playing Small & Start Boldly Standing Up

Many people struggling with shyness and social anxiety tend to approach others in a submissive manner. Sometimes it’s submissive-friendly, where we are smiling and pleasing others as much as possible. And sometimes it’s passive-hostile where we are more distant or withdrawn.

In either case, this pattern never gets us the connection and success we really want in relationships and life. Join Dr. Aziz as he interviews an incredibly insightful psychologist who teaches all about the relationship between submissiveness and dominance in social situations.
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Download the PDF HERE Dr. Hope Hill


An Ode To Risk


ODE= Poem or song that exults something.

May people walk around trying to figure out how can I be as comfortable as possible…I don’t want to take any risks.

RISKS = Do something where you don’t know the outcome, it could be potentially be good or it could be potentially painful.

We have been programed to be comfort driven, we avoid those risks in our life, in fact when you look at your life, how many risks are you taking?

What is your stance on RISK?

Do you dive in, do you go for it consistently, do you avoid it?  Do you beat yourself up for it, have you become resigned?

What is your experience?  

How To Eliminate Self Doubt

Eliminate self doubt

Live With Complete Confidence And Certainty In Yourself

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  • Do you doubt yourself?
  • Do you agonize over small and large choices?
  • Do you replay conversations and evaluate whether you “did it right”?

If so, you have to listen to this episode.

Inside, Dr. Aziz shares cutting edge tools and strategies from his life and those of his clients to eliminate doubt and activate complete confidence and certainty in yourself.

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