The 3 Elements of Magnetic Confidence

The 3 Elements of Magnetic Confidence

Discover What Naturally Attracts Others To You

What makes you magnetic to others? Is it your appearance, your status, or your smile? Join Dr. Aziz in this fascinating episode as he reveals the key things that create a confidence that draws people in. And here’s the best part—you have control over all three!

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How Your Mindset Shapes Your Life

How Your Mindset Shapes Your Life

What Is Your Subconscious Mindset?

Your mindset is not something you may be fully aware of. Rather than your thoughts or feelings, it is the deeper subconscious beliefs you have that end up creating your entire experience. Your mindset determines whether you try or quit, fail or succeed, create a life of lasting confidence or struggle with social anxiety. Which mindset is best? Find out now!

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Blow Your Own Mind In 2019

Discover Your Intention For The New Year And Create Something Incredible

What do you want this coming year to be about? What is one thing you would love to experience more of in your daily life? Join Dr. Aziz to uncover what your guiding intention for 2019 is, and find inspiration to take control of your destiny in this coming year.

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How To Enjoy The Holidays

Discover What You Want And Take Care Of Yourself

So many people feel pressure on holidays to go a certain place, be with certain people, act a certain way, or even feel a certain way. Join Dr. Aziz in this liberating and relieving episode about how to discover what you actually want, and make it a reality this holiday season.

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I Want Candy!

I Want Candy!

How To Face Fear And Discomfort And Generate Power

What methods do you use to try to feel more comfortable in the moment? And do these behaviors, substances, or vices serve you? In this fun and fascinating episode, join Dr. Aziz and Coach Jonathan as they explore all the ways we try to escape discomfort, and how reclaim a sense of confidence and power.

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Terrified Of The 6 Seconds Of Rejection

How To Overcome The One Thing That’s Really Holding You Back

You may have an endless array of stories about why you can’t have what you want, why you aren’t good enough, and why you’re unable to do something. But, underneath all of this is just one simple thing. And it only lasts about six seconds. Listen to discover what this is, and how to break free now.


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The Confidence Silver Bullet

The One Simple Solution To A Life Of Confidence And Success

Is there a single answer to social anxiety, self-doubt, and fear? Is there just one thing that can help you create unstoppable confidence and achieve anything you want in life? Dr. Aziz believes so. Listen to this funny and fascinating episode to discover what the “confidence silver bullet” is, and how to start using it today.

How Niceness Is Killing Your Relationship

The Downside Of Nice In Relationships… And How To Fix It Now

Are you a “nice person”? Do you care for others, try to be good, avoid offending or bothering people, and try to make others feel happy and good? Turns out this niceness can actually be smothering your romantic relationship. Join Dr. Aziz as he discusses the biggest pitfalls of niceness in relationships, and how to break free now.

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You Are Going To Fail

 To Eliminate Hesitation And Avoidance And Get Into Bold Action Now

If you’re like most people, you don’t like failing. Or mistakes, awkward moments, rejections, or any other “undesired outcome.” However, in this compelling episode Dr. Aziz makes a case for the benefits of failure, and why on your path to greater confidence you will fail. Repeatedly. Enjoy : )

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Trust In Your Unconscious Competence

What If You Are More Capable Than You Realize?

Do you often doubt yourself, be it at work, socially, or in your relationship? Perhaps you spend hours trying to get better in the ways you think you’re lacking. But what if you are way more capable, confident, and skilled in ways you don’t even realize? Listen to this episode to find out more!

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