Trust In Your Unconscious Competence

What If You Are More Capable Than You Realize?

Do you often doubt yourself, be it at work, socially, or in your relationship? Perhaps you spend hours trying to get better in the ways you think you’re lacking. But what if you are way more capable, confident, and skilled in ways you don’t even realize? Listen to this episode to find out more!

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Just Say No

How Stop Saying “Yes” When You Don’t Want To And Start Saying “No” When You Need To

Do you find yourself saying “yes” when you really want to say “no.” This can be for minor events, such as an invitation or a request, or even major life decisions such as relationship and career. In this episode Dr. Aziz shares humorous and heartwarming stories to help you unlock your inner confidence to just say no when you most need to.

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Surrender = Happiness

One Simple Shift That Can Transform Your Day (And Your Life)

Do you feel anxious, tense, or stressed more often than you want to? Does it take a toll on your mood, your energy, your relationships, and your happiness? If so, join Dr. Aziz as he shares a spontaneously recorded look into how you can use the power of surrender today to relax, let go, and just feel so much better in this moment.

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The Myth of Perfect Confidence

Let Go Of The Pressure To Be Emotionally Perfect

While learning tools and strategies to overcome anxiety and create confidence is a very worthwhile endeavor, there is a major pitfall. Often self-improvement can lead to the subtle, unconscious expectation that you become perfect. You expect perfect confidence and perfect emotions throughout the day, which leads to frustration, impatience, and a lack of compassion with yourself. Join Dr. Aziz today to find out how to unravel this and just be on your own side.

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Is Too Much Action A Bad Thing?

Discover How To Take The Most Effective Action To Transform Your Confidence

Is taking action always the answer? What if it involves facing fears and having awkward interactions or experiences? Can this really help us, or does it end up hurting us? Join Dr. Aziz as he dives into listeners questions about the topic of bold action, so you know exactly what to do to increase your confidence now.

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Motivation Secrets: How To Do What It Really Takes

Find The Courage To Face Your Fear To Create The Life You Want

Do you get inspired by this show, and decide to take action and make big changes in your life? And then, how long does that decision last? Does it fade, along with your motivation to do what it takes? Join Dr. Aziz as he addresses a listeners question about this, showing us all how to access our deep natural source of power and drive.

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Say YES!

One Simple Word To Increase Acceptance, Confidence, and Power Now!

In any given moment you are either saying “yes” to yourself and your life, or saying “no.” This unconscious stance determines how you feel, your resourcefulness, and your ability to create the confidence and the life you truly want. Join Dr. Aziz as he guides you to say YES to more and more of your life now.

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