Patrick King – Fearless Social Confidence (Part 2)

Fearless Social Confidence

Patrick King – Fearless Social Confidence (Part 2)

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Show Notes

If you learned a lot in Part 1 of our interview with Patrick King, then you will surely learn tons more in Part 2 on the interview with Patrick King who is a MASTER AT CONVERSATIONS and wrote the book on Fearless Social Confidence.

Listen in and learn some extreme strategies and tools to activate social confidence.

He is awesome at helping people realize YOU CAN SHIFT THIS!

If you aren’t great talking to people, YOU CAN BECOME GREAT AT TALKING TO PEOPLE.  If you are nervous and get anxiety around people, YOU CAN BE EXTREMELY RELAXED AND COMFORTABLE in your own skin.

Patrick King is an internationally bestselling author and Social Interaction Specialist and Conversation Coach based in San Francisco, California.

He is a former corporate lawyer, ex-dating coach, above all else, late bloomer. He started as a self-proclaimed paralyzed social recluse and knows social life from both sides of the tracks – precisely the reason he’s such an effective speaker and coach.
He focuses on using his unique emotional intelligence and understanding of human interaction to break down emotional barriers, instill confidence, and equip people with the tools they need for success.
When he’s not helping clients conquer the world, he’s either fronting an 80′s cover band or training for his next 10k.

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