The Key To Deep Inner Worthiness And Lasting Happiness with Noah Elkrief

How To Undo The Wounds And Beliefs That Cause Your Suffering

Do you struggle with emotions like anxiety, hurt, or depression? Are you striving constantly, hoping that the next goal will bring you lasting happiness? Welcome to being a human!

Join Dr. Aziz as he interviews author and teacher, Noah Elkrief, about how we can let go of this hustle for worthiness, let go of past pain, and find true enjoyment and happiness in the present moment.

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Noah Elkrief

Noah Elkrief is a man that has dedicated his life to living from his authentic self. This has taken him on a journey to heal and let go of an extraordinary amount of painful beliefs and emotions. Noah supports others to live more freely, peacefully, and happily through offering 1-on-1 counseling sessions and group workshops, as well as by sharing his insights on his Youtube channel and in his book “A Guide To The Present Moment”.

Live In The Moment


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