The Power Of Full Acceptance With Martha Creek

How To Flow With Life With More Peace And Joy

How much of your time do you spend in upset, fear, or reactivity? What about when life doesn’t go according to your plans? Join Dr. Aziz as he interviews Martha Creek, a humble and humorous public speaker who highlights the power of fully accepting this moment as it is right now.

Martha Creek

It only takes a few minutes with Martha to realize that she speaks from her heart to yours.  A humble and humorous public speaker, a student and teacher of life, an innovative leader, a servant-hearted team builder, Martha is fair, conscious, practical, efficient, joyful, honest, generous, and as loving a soul as you will ever meet. Martha offers her teachings, her life experiences as well as her insights, not as advice, but as an option. She provides opportunities for her audience to experience the power of living from their own truth and realigning with their divine nature.

Martha’s sincere mission to serve is evident in how she joins others in all aspects of their humanity, as a peaceful presence, no matter the circumstances. With a clear understanding that each of us is fully equipped and exist in an infinite possibility field, Martha is inspired and motivated to offer practices and insights that promote balance, autonomy, mindfulness, and a solid foundation for living. Martha is no stranger to challenging situations.  She facilitates churches and organizations in the midst of conflict and change, individuals in emotional, financial, physical and spiritual distress, and extraordinary people in struggles with day-to-day challenges looking for another way.  Martha is dedicated to serving individuals in realizing their full potential.

As a leader – Martha is visionary, goal-focused, and able to motivate and engage a group to take action and accomplish—raise money, raise awareness, raise energy, raise participation, raise curiosity, raise joy.  Martha’s track record speaks for itself in a long successful career history in the corporate world as well as an inspiring career in self-realization, personal development, ministry consulting and beyond.

As a facilitator – Martha lovingly and expertly meets people where they are… meaning she is able to stay connected with her client and maintain herself as she allows those she works with to find their own answers and truth.  Martha creates an environment of openness, honesty, and trust, which allows others to break through their discomfort, grief, anger, illness, despair, frustration, or fear. This is extremely powerful and effective in opening minds and hearts for awakening to more expansive, innovative, creative energies. Literally, a new way of being.

As a minister – Martha believes “minister” is a verb, an action, a way of being in the world.  She naturally ministers to anyone, anywhere, anytime, in any way that comes to her as an opportunity to serve.  Martha’s clear sense of self allows her to hold connections, even in intense times and with differences in thinking. Martha invites self-exploration, awareness, and integration, as others awaken to the realization of their ability to meet life on life’s terms, fully equipped.

As a ministry consultant, Martha joins highly-functioning teams to renew, revitalize, and rejuvenate their leadership skills with expanded focus and sensible action steps. She is available for workshops, guest speaking, video conferencing, or consulting in person, or remotely, addressing any aspect of organizational needs.

As a public speaker – Martha engages her audience with ease, humor, insightful questions, personal experiences, transparency, and passion.  Martha’s expansive background and training equips her with many methods of reaching her audience.  She is masterful at using multiple intelligence approaches and current life situations to bring practical application through teachings for a solid foundation in reality base. She allows, encourages, and challenges others to think.   She is a master at right questioning and inspiring others to transcend previously held beliefs.

As a coach – Martha teaches and demonstrates the possibility for expansive new patterns and opportunities through taking responsibility for your own life’s experiences, raising awareness, growing in consciousness, living by your own goals, and going in the direction of your dreams.  She challenges you to question previously held false beliefs and transcend them.

Once you experience Martha, it’s easy to see your life has been immeasurably blessed.

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