Two Steps To Total Self-Love with Dr. Susan Campbell

How To Find And Sustain The Courage To Take Risks & Go After What You Want In Life

Do you boldly go after what you want in life? Do you find that easy or very hard to do? Most of us have learned early on that “going for it” and taking the positive risks that will make our lives better are scary, dangerous, and highly uncomfortable.
Join Dr. Aziz as he interviews the brilliant psychologist and coach, Susan Campbell, who has been helping people heal, grow, and communicate more authentically for over five decades. Get ready for a highly insightful, authentic, and moving interview!  Get your copy of “On My Own Side” here


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Dr. Susan Campbell

Psychologist Susan Campbell has worked as a corporate trainer and relationship coach for 55 years. A former professor at the University of Massachusetts, she is author of eleven books on the topic of relationships and human communication. Her most recent work centers on how to use honest, presence-centered communication as a vehicle for personal healing and expanded self-awareness. This body of work is described in her best-selling, Getting Real and her more recent books, Truth in Dating, Saying What’s Real, and Five-Minute Relationship Repair. Her work has been featured in many popular magazines including New Woman, Psychology Today, Self, Harvard Business Review, Seventeen, Men’s Health, New Age, Fast Company, and Yoga Journal. She has been featured on such national TV shows as, CNN’s News Night, Good Morning America, and The Dr. Dean Edell Show. Susan trains coaches and therapists throughout the United States and Europe to integrate the tools in Five-Minute Relationship Repair into their professional practices. For more information, visit her website

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