Upgrade Your Identity And Set Yourself Free with Dmitry Vulfovich

Transform Your Life

Have you limited yourself from living fully because you question who you are and who you should be? Learn how to rewrite old patterns and identities to help unlock your future and reach for the life you truly want.

Join Dr. Aziz as he interviews Licensed Psychotherapist, Dmitry Vulfovich.

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Dmitry Vulfovich

Dmitry Vulfovich is a Licensed Psychotherapist in San Jose, California. His specialty is treating trauma and other mental health issues using a holistic body-oriented approach. He also specializes in mindfulness and transpersonal psychology, which involves shamanic and eastern practices that lead to health and well being. Dmitry is also a clinical supervisor and master teacher trainer at the Process Therapy Institute, which provides experiential one-way mirror training to psychotherapist interns in a Gestalt-Somatic approach called the Process Model. Dmitry is a community leader, DJ, and workshop facilitator. He leads classes oriented to movement therapy, boundaries, relationships/sexuality, mindfulness/flow states, men’s circles, and other topics, as well as producing a bi-monthly ecstatic dance community in San Jose. 

Learn more about Dmitry here www.spiralprocess.com

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