No Regrets


The Secret To Fully Living With Confidence Now

Is it possible to leave without regret? What is regret telling us anyways? Join Dr. Aziz in this insightful episode as he examines where regret comes from, what it’s teaching you, and how to use it to live a life of extraordinary confidence and freedom.

5 Ways To Improve Your Body Image

body image

Essential Techniques To Eliminate Self-Judgment And Accept Your Body Right Now

Sadly, the vast majority of people experience some ongoing level of dissatisfaction with their appearance. This problem can lead to a minor drain on your confidence or be a major reason you don’t enjoy the connection, love and relationships you truly want. Let’s change that NOW!

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Surrender Repeatedly

surrenderToday we are diving into how to further understanding what it truly means to be fully confident in ourselves.  Sometimes we have an idea of what that looks like but today we are talking about something that is much deeper which is the inner feeling of confidence.


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Courage, Addiction & Authenticity with Jorge Aquino

Recovery Coach

In today’s episode he is interviewing guest coach Jorge Aquino as he shares his story in overcoming addiction as well as the work he is doing to help others break free.

As a life coach and recovery coach, Jorge specializes in guiding adults and adolescents through addiction recovery, personal, spiritual and career growth. His work facilitating group sessions for the last 6 years has focused on recovery based 12 step programs for Adults and Adolescents Recovery, Adults Release prevention, Adversity and Pain.


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3 Surprising Confidence Hacks To Eliminate Anxiety

Confidence HacksSimple Ways To Instantly Replace Anxiety With Peace And Confidence

Join Dr. Aziz as he describes three unusual ways he’s discovered to radically reduce anxiety, tension, and stress. Each of these hacks is very simple and can be done daily. Try all 3 for maximum results!

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Pillar III. Patience – The 3 Pillars of Confidence

How To Stress Less And Enjoy The Process Of Becoming The Best You

Tired of feeling stuck and ready to make a big shift now? Good! That will get you into action and motivate you. But, as you may have discovered, big changes occur over time. In this episode Dr. Aziz discussed the third pillar of confidence, which requires us to have the patience to let our transformation unfold.

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