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Social Fitness

Discover The Exact Path To Complete Social Confidence


What would Social Mastery look like for you? Speaking up in groups, approaching strangers, talking in big meetings? Or maybe just simply being comfortable in your own skin as you share with a friend, or go on a date. Whatever you want to achieve in this area, it is possible… IF you’re willing to do what it takes. In this episode Dr. Aziz helps you access your core motivation and then create a “Ladder to Victory” to create the social life you’ve always wanted.


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I’ll Never Be Good At Talking With People

Talking to people

How To Defeat Your Limiting Beliefs About Your Social Abilities


Do you tell yourself that you’re just not capable socially? That you simply can’t have a smooth, confident conversation with someone new, or a colleague, or that attractive stranger. Join Dr. Aziz as he systematically debunks each of the stories that hold you back, and instead reveals what’s really holding you back… so you can bust right through it!


Earlybird tickets for Dr. Aziz’s next LIVE event – Supremely Confident Conversation Master are on sale now. Click here to secure your spot!


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The Secret To Making 2018 Your Year

Let’s take a second to set aside New Years Resolutions and SMART goals. Instead, join Dr. Aziz as he discusses one simple shift you can make today that will transform the quality of your life – in 2018 and every other year after that. Don’t miss this powerful episode to kick off your new year!

Case Study: How I Help Someone With Social Anxiety

Case Study

Discover The Key Insights To Completely Liberate Yourself From Social Anxiety

In this fascinating episode, Dr. Aziz shares his thought process of when he is helping a new client begin to see the way out of social anxiety. You’ll discover what is holding you back, and get a clear, simple idea of exactly what you need to do today to eliminate social anxiety and build a life of lasting confidence.

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How To Feel Good Enough

I am enough

Stop Striving And Start Enjoying Your Life Now

Not quite there yet? Do you need to achieve one more thing, get to the next level, and somehow be better than you are? If you feel like you’re never quite enough, and that you always should be doing better, progressing faster, etc. then you have to listen to this episode! Inside, Dr. Aziz explores with co-host Amber why we are dissatisfied, and how to start feeling content with who you are right now.

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How To Stop Feeling Jealous


Eliminate Unhealthy Jealousy And Feel More Secure In Your Relationship

Do you feel jealous in your relationship? For many people, this is a common occurrence. However, they often feel ashamed or embarrassed that they are feeling that way, so they try to hide it. Instead, discover how to face these feelings and uncover the root of insecurity underneath so that you can feel relaxed, secure, and confident in your relationship.

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How To Make Rejection Hurt Less

Rejection to Hurt Less

Who Would You Be If You Weren’t Afraid Of Being Rejected?

Do you avoid things that might lead to others judging or rejecting you? Why is this such a common pattern? And why does rejection hurt so much? Join Dr. Aziz as he dives into this topic with his co-host Amber.

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EFT, Anxiety, & Deep Self-Love with Melissa Renzi

Negative Stories

Remove The Negative Stories That Cause You To Criticize Yourself

Join Dr. Aziz in this engaging interview where a yoga instructor and therapist reveals how she uses tapping with herself and her clients to access deep self-acceptance and love.
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